New Features

  • Start an Aero from My Schedule. You can now start an Aero directly from the My Schedule page by clicking the icon to launch the Aero. You can also edit an Aero directly from the My schedule page by clicking the ‘E’.
    See tasks in a calendar view in Aero Workflow
  • Changes in the filter options. In the Manage Companies grid, the first filter option you now see is ‘Contains’. This is the first grid this change has been applied to, more will follow!
  • India time zone. We have added a time zone called ‘India’ that is UTC -5.

Bug Fixes

  • The bug where several hours was added to the timer when it was paused has been fixed. If you are still experiencing this bug, you may need to clear your cache.
  • The bug where inactive Accounting Software Types were showing up in the dropdown menus has been fixed.