Two years ago, we began implementing EOS (the Entrepreneurial Operating System) in our accounting firm Redmond Accounting (RAI). As the Integrator for RAI, here are some of the highlights of how it has really helped our firm.

What is it? In short, a set of tools and concepts that allows entrepreneurs/business owners to get what they want out of their businesses. We discovered EOS a little over two years ago and it has been invaluable to running our firm these past two years. In the face of many uncertainties, EOS serves as a guiding light to illuminate the right path for your business.

EOS has many facets, and we certainly won’t try to cover all of it in a single blog post. Instead, we’d like to share with you the top ways in which EOS transformed our firm.

Core Values

Core values define your firm’s culture. When used properly, they guide the hiring, recognizing, rewarding, and occasionally terminating of people based on whether they share your Core Values. Our core values here at RAI are:

  • Carry the load
  • Be a Guru
  • Embrace Technology
  • Create WOW

3 Year Target

Using the Vision Traction Organizer (VTO), your leadership team should first predict the business’s revenue and profit three years out and define any other important measurables you want to achieve. Using the app LivePlan, we were able to use our current revenue and expenses and achieve a blueprint for our 3 Year Target.

Once completed, a list of bullet points should be compiled, offering a snapshot of what your business will look like in three years. Consider things such as: number and quality of people, added resources, office environment and size, operational efficiencies, systematization, technology needs, product mix, and client mix. EOS has helped us to think hard about what we want our firm to look like over time.

Delegate and Elevate

What are the tasks that energize you and that you’re great at? What are the tasks that wear you down and that you completely suck at? Gaining clarity on these differences has made it easier for us to reevaluate tasks that we were doing that could be delegated to others. We love using Aero Workflow to document the tasks and then re-assign for staff to work on (with guidance on how we as a firm want it done). This makes everyone more efficient!

The Level 10 Meeting

We saved the best for last! The Level 10 Meeting is a 90-minute meeting held at the same time every week. The EOS L10 Meeting Agenda will help you:
Keep your team focused on the most important priorities (the team ranks them in the meeting itself)
Create an environment of accountability for your team to complete the things they have committed to
Identify, discuss and actually SOLVE issues

As the Integrator for EOS at RAI, I would love to help you learn more about EOS. Contact me if you would like to chat about EOS. If you’re interested, get in touch!