New Features

  • Aeros can now have both a start date and a due date. Create an Aero, Master Aero and Aero Template with both a Start and End Date. This has been one of the most requested features. You can now optionally specify an end date for a one time Aero or “Set Days To Due Date” on a Master Aero or a Template. If an end date has been specified it will appear on the My Aeros screen and the Manage Aeros screen. For more information on how the new End Date feature works, refer to the Help Documents.
  • Team Member Field added to Quick Note. When you Add a Note there is now a Assign To field that defaults to the user logged in, but you can choose to assign the note to another team member. This is a handy way to send a quick message to other team members.

Bug Fixes

New Aero time and date. When you create a new task or appointment, the time now defaults to the current time instead of an hour previous.