New Features

  • Aero Templates now automatically grouped by Aero Type.  You can revert to an ungrouped list by clicking on the ‘X’ next to the words ‘Aero Type’ in the blue header bar. You can also see the Aero Types listed in a column by clicking on the green down-arrow next to any column header, choosing Columns, and checking the box next to Aero Type.
  • Project dropdown lists When you are using the Project dropdown lists to add an Aero to a Project, each Project in the list now includes the Project name, the Customer name, and the Project Type.
  • Add a ‘One-off’ occurrence to a Master Aero. You can now add an extra Aero that is outside of the designated recurring pattern of a Master Aero. For more information on how to use this feature, check out Editing a Master Aero in Aero Workflow Help.