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*Enterprise pricing available for accounts with more than 25 users.

Do you charge for support?2023-08-31T12:12:52-07:00

No. All of Aero’s fantastic support is included with your subscription cost. We offer free training, free, unlimited, one-on-one support sessions, and a world-class knowledge base.

Is there an annual/long term contract for Aero?2023-08-03T11:36:28-07:00

No. Aero is a month-to-month subscription. You can cancel your account at any time.

How can I see what’s in the Aero Library?2023-08-03T11:37:48-07:00

During your free trial, you can have access to the library templates if you enter your credit card. Your card will not be charged until the end of your trial.

Do you have a ProAdvisor price/discount/partner program?2023-08-03T11:38:05-07:00

No. Since the vast majority of our users are ProAdvisors, we like to say that the prices you see on our pricing page ARE our ProAdvisor prices.

Do you charge per user?2023-08-03T11:38:13-07:00

No. The amounts you see on our pricing page are the flat monthly rate for the firm.

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