Define Your Services

Defining your services helps you deliver a superior product consistently— and make a profit on those services! Using features like Aero Templates, Procedures and tapping into the power of the Aero Library will position your firm to be a scalable, profitable Firm of the Future.

Define firm's services with Aero

Create and Store Procedures

You can create and store detailed procedure guides in Aero that spell out the best practices and distinctive techniques that you and your staff have developed from the experience you have gained serving your clients.

Once you have added these procedures to Aero, they become fully integrated into your firm’s daily workflow. This is how Aero helps you take your firm’s knowledge capital and put it to work.

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Create detailed procedures in Aero
Define your services with Aero Templates

Create Task Templates

Aero Templates are the “Cliff Notes” version of your firms’s procedures: a step-by-step checklist for each of your firm’s standard services. Each Aero template can point back to one or more of your procedures and link to any URL’s that might help your staff along the way.

Aero Templates help you ensure that client work will be performed consistently and efficiently whether it’s a task that is performed once a day or once a year. They help both new staff and old hands make sure that every step of any client task is completed.

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The Aero Library

The Aero Library is your shortcut to defining your services. It’s full of Task Templates and procedures for client services using common cloud accounting apps.

The Aero Library not only helps you get your Aero account up and running faster, but it serves as an ongoing knowledge resource that helps you stay current with apps you use and gives you a leg up on adding new ones.

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Tap industry knowledge with the Aero Library