Define Your Services

Defining your services helps you deliver a superior product consistently— and make a profit on those services! Using features like Checklist Templates, Procedure Guides, and the Aero Library will position your firm to be a scalable, profitable bookkeeping or accounting firm.

Create and store bookkeeping checklists with Aero Workflow

Create and Store Procedures

You can create and store detailed procedure guides in Aero that spell out the best practices and distinctive techniques that you and your staff have developed from the experience you have gained serving your clients. These guides become a resource for new employees, help in performing unique client work, structure for cross-training staff, and a deep well of knowledge that will allow your firm to grow and thrive.

In addition to guides you can create yourself, the Aero Library has over 100 procedure guides ready for you to use and integrate into your accounting and bookkeeping checklists.

Once you have added these procedures to Aero, they become fully integrated into your firm’s daily workflow. This is how Aero helps you take your firm’s knowledge capital and put it to work.

Bookkeeping Procedures available in Aero Workflow
Detailed accounting and bookkeeping checklists in Aero Workflow

Create Checklist Templates

You can store an unlimited number of checklist templates in your Aero account.  Each template is a step-by-step checklist for each of your firm’s standard services. Each item in your checklist can link to online resources like a government form or knowledge base page. You can also link a step in a checklist to a specific procedure guide in Aero.

Aero Templates help you ensure that client work will be performed consistently and efficiently: whether it’s a task that is performed once a day or once a year. They help both new staff and old hands make sure that every step of any client task is completed.

The Aero Library

The Aero Library is your shortcut to defining your services. It’s full of Checklist Templates and detailed Procedure Guides for common bookkeeping and accounting services

It will not only help you get your Aero account up and running faster, but it will serve as an ongoing knowledge resource that helps you stay current with apps you use and gives you a leg up on adding new ones.

Inside the Aero Library, you’ll find checklists and procedures covering tasks like:

  • Bookkeeping client onboarding
  • Client Offboarding
  • Year-end checklists
  • Tax return checklists
  • Checklists for recurring bookkeeping work
  • Procedure guides and checklists specific to many of the most commonly used accounting and bookkeeping apps
Find turn-key bookkeeping checklists in the Aero Workflow Library