Aero User Story – Schulte and Schulte

Schulte and Schulte is a bookkeeping firm specializing in construction and contracting firms. They use a suite of cloud apps, centered around QuickBooks Online, Knowify, ClockShark, T-Sheets, HubDoc, and Aero Workflow to streamline their clients’ bookkeeping and give them valuable insight into their finances. We recently sat down with Tonya Schulte to chat about how their [...]

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Maintaining your Procedures

Documenting your firm’s procedures is a big job - and one you don’t want to ignore. And, much as I hate to be the bearer of bad news, you can’t just write them and forget about them. There are few certainties in running a firm, but one is that things are going to change. So your [...]

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How to write a great procedure

So you’re finally convinced that your firm needs to have written procedures. Or maybe you’ve been convinced all along– it’s just so hard to write them. We all know that a good workflow system is all about having procedures that are scalable and repeatable, so I thought I’d share our step-by-step procedure guide for writing a [...]

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8 Reasons why you need to document your procedures

You know you should have written procedures - everyone tells you so. But writing procedures falls very clearly under the “important but not urgent” umbrella, making it easy to let the project slide to the bottom of the pile. To help motivate you, here are 8 reasons why you really should have documented procedures in place. [...]

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Top 5 reasons to use QuickBooks Online for your firm

As an accountant, I’m as reluctant as many of my colleagues to change processes that are working and adopt new software. But here’s why I switched my firm from Quickbooks desktop software to QuickBooks Online several years ago, and why I think more firms should. Presented in no particular order - because like my children, they [...]

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Is Frankenstein’s Monster Running Your Business?

Are you managing your firm's service delivery with a carefully planned suite of tools? Or do you have a system of randomly cobbled-together parts adding up to a monster that is horrifying to behold and terrifying to manage? Everyone has a some sort system to help them manage their delivery of client services, whether it consists [...]

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Handling Source Documents – Keeping it Straight

The foundation of a good workflow system is making sure the resources needed by your staff to perform their work are in a secure but central location. In an accounting practice, part of your resource planning must be having a plan in place to deal with the flow of source documents – how to intake, store [...]

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