Organize with Aero WorkFlow

Organize your Services

Whether your staff are all in the same location or located around the globe, Aero gives you the tools you need to schedule and assign all of your firm’s work.

Every person in the firm will have a clear picture of what they need to do and when they need to do it. And you can be sure that client work will never slip through the cracks again!

Schedule Recurring Tasks

Schedule recurring client work on all those various different intervals and then relax. Setup tasks and appointments that occur daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually – you name it!

Schedule it – and Aero will let everyone know which tasks need to be done each day.

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Schedule recurring tasks with Aero
Track unscheduled client work with Aero

Schedule One-Time Tasks

Easily schedule and assign one-time tasks generated by client requests and fit unexpected tasks into your schedule. Aero even gives you the tools you need to create new tasks directly from incoming client emails.

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Organize with Projects

Create a project in Aero and then break it down into one-time or recurring tasks assigned to different staff members. Track time and cost on projects to make sure your work is on time and on budget.

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Project management with Aero
Store client information in the Aero Vault

Organize Resources

Make sure the resources your staff need to do their work are located in a secure and central location. Client vaults, links to websites, links to procedures, links to client specific resources, and client activity history are all a click away.

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