Track Your Success

Aero provides a bird’s eye view of your firm so you can easily see the status of current client work. In-depth reports allow you to drill down into firm profitability, productivity, and efficiency.

No more surprises and last-minute scrambling – you have the tools you need to run your business profitably.

Track your accounting firm with Aero Workflow

Track Work in Progress

No matter where your staff or clients are located, Aero provides a real-time view of the work being performed. Whether you’re in the same room as your staff or in another state, you can make sure that due dates are being met and can keep an eye on unscheduled work, watching for costly scope creep.

Being able to view what work is already scheduled also allows you to make informed decisions about taking in new work or hiring new staff.

Integrated Time Tracking

While your staff is working on tasks in Aero – or reading an email, or even on the phone with a client – their time is automatically tracked.

All of the time information is then available to you to track client work or watch for scope creep. You can also choose to have it automatically sync to QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Time, or export it to a CSV file.

Even if you choose not to export the time, the time tracking data is saved in Aero Workflow automatically and used to generate productivity and profitability reports to help you run your firm.

Automatically track time with Aero Workflow
Track accounting firm performance with Aero Workflow

Track Performance

Aero’s centralized system to manage your firm’s work, along with the automated time tracking, gives you access to real data you can use to measure your firm’s performance.

Aero’s more than 20 customizable reports give you real-time information on staff performance and firm profitability.