It started with a problem


Looking for a workflow solutionBack in 2008, Laura Redmond of Redmond Accounting was searching for a workflow solution that met her firm’s needs. She needed something that would allow her to manage the multiple, recurring services Redmond Accounting provided to multiple clients. Since her staff was distributed around the country, she needed something that was cloud based. And, being an accountant with a passion for perfection and an eye for detail, she wanted to be able to set up a checklist for each task and make sure that any resources her staff might need were just a click away. Frustrated by the lack of anything that fully met her needs, she created her own system using Method:CRM.

Fast forward a few years to when Laura joined forces with fellow ProAdvisors Victoria Cameron and Mark Crews who had each been working independently to solve the same problem. Since Mark and Victoria had experienced many of the same frustrations with existing solutions, they convinced Laura that her little workflow app could be useful to other accounting firms – and thus the original version of Aero was published as an add-on to Method. The three partners quickly realized that Aero had a lot of potential and made the decision to rebuild Aero Workflow on it’s own platform and publish it directly on Intuit’s app store.

Aero – Designed by Accountants for Accountants

The Aero TeamAero, as it exists today, is a result of the years of experience (and frustrations) Laura, Mark, and Victoria gained running their own firms, plus the direct feedback from customers using Aero on Method. Aero’s core features– step-by-step checklists for each task, task templates, recurring tasks, and built-in time tracking – speak to the pain points of bookkeepers and accountants trying to run and scale their firms as efficiently as possible.

As Aero adds users in ever increasing numbers, we continue to solve the pain points of accounting firms. Through in-app feedback, casual user hangouts, newsletters, Twitter, live chat, and email we make an effort to listen to our users in order to refine current features and add new ones. For example, the Aero Library was born out of customer feedback that they were struggling with creating checklists for their services and keeping up-to-date with all the various cloud accounting apps.

Aero was built from the ground up by accountants and, thanks to the continued feedback from our users and our partners, continues to be the app that is ‘by accountants, for accountants’