Provide client Advisory Services with Aero Workflow

Systematize your Advisory Services

Firms looking to take their accounting or bookkeeping practice to the next level can capitalize on their intellectual property by distributing checklists & procedures to their clients through Managed Aero accounts.

They can use Aero Advisor as a tool to deliver process advisory services to clients in an interactive, organized manner, creating procedure guides and checklist templates that can be shared across all their Managed accounts while being managed in a central location.

Aero Advisor provides a framework for firms to create a recurring revenue stream for access to their knowledge capital. A firm can use Aero Advisor to franchise its operations or systematize its consulting or process advisory business. 

Process Advisory from one central source

Create and share process checklists with Managed Accounts from one central location. Any updates you make to these process checklists will be automatically pushed to all your managed accounts. Access to these resources is controlled through your Aero account, so if a client is no longer associated with your firm, they will not longer have access to this valuable resource.

Provide Process Advisory Services with Aero Workflow

Firms that use Aero Advisor include:

  • Accounting or bookkeeping firms with clients who perform some or all of their day-to-day bookkeeping tasks. The firm can use Aero Advisor to provide standard bookkeeping checklists to its clients as a value-added service. The checklists are maintained by the firm in a central location and if the client leaves the firm, they no longer have access to this valuable knowledge capital.
  • Accounting, bookkeeping, or consulting firms that serve a specialized niche. The firm can create and distribute checklists and procedures through Aero advisor to their clients that are centered around specialized software or industry practices.
  • Accounting or bookkeeping firm that has developed extensive knowledge and wants to capitalize on that knowledge by starting a process advisory service for their clients. Aero Advisor allows firms to create a recurring revenue stream by providing a framework for them to publish their procedures and checklists to customers who subscribe to their service.
  • Accounting or bookkeeping firm that has multiple offices operating somewhat independently. Aero Advisor allows the firm to have a central list of checklists and procedure guides shared across all offices while still allowing the different offices to keep separate customer lists, connect to separate QuickBooks Online accounts, schedule and maintain their client work independently, and run reports for just their own office.