Aero’s API is an open and public application programming interface (API). It is made available to Aero account holders and developers so that they can interact directly with their data.

Is it Restful?

When we talk about our API, we use terms like “REST” and “RESTful.” “REST” stands for Representational State Transfer. It’s an architectural style that’s an alternative to RPC or SOAP-based web services.

While there’s no official REST standard, there are common approaches and best practices used across the engineering community that help define how RESTful APIs should work. For example, most RESTful APIs follow six specific constraints or design rules.
Most APIs aren’t fully RESTful, including ours. But we follow most of the practices and common definitions of the style.


Each request made to our API is authenticated with 2 components. First, the “Account Id” is included as part of the request URL. For example, in the following URL the “57653” is the account id: In addition, the account’s specific API key must be included as header information.

To obtain an account’s id and API key, follow the instructions in this help document.

API Reference and End Points

Information on our available endpoints is contained within our API explorer at In addition to identifying available endpoints using our API explorer, you can also discover all the details needed to consume the API. With our API explorer you can even make live requests but of course, you can use a tool like Postman to make requests. The postman tool is available at