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Run a Virtual Firm without losing control

Define firm's services with Aero


You can create detailed, online checklists for completing client work, embed in-depth procedure documents, and add links to various online resources. You can also take advantage of Aero’s library of turn-key checklists for common cloud accounting and bookkeeping tasks. And, of course all of this is cloud-based so that your team has instructions on how to do their work no matter where they are.


One-time projects, recurring tasks, client emergencies — even email – are all seamlessly integrated into one list, so you and your staff have a clear view of what needs to get done today. Your team can log in from their current location and get to work– even if you’re not available to tell them what to do.

Organize with Aero WorkFlow
Track firm performance with Aero


With Aero, you have a clear overview of all client work: what’s done, what’s in progress and what’s about to be overdue. Aero’s integrated time tracking allows you to spot scope creep while it’s happening. Aero’s management reports help you to manage your practice with insights into metrics like staff performance and project job costing. All of this is available online and realtime, so that even if you and your staff are working from home, you don’t lose track of what is happening.