What is Zapier?

For those of you who haven’t heard about Zapier, it’s a productivity tool that helps you to connect over 1,000 cloud apps with each other by setting up automated workflows called Zaps. Each Zap has a trigger (when this happens in this app) and an action (do that in that app). Still confused? We’ve listed ten different ways that Zapier + Aero can help you streamline your accounting workflow and automate the information flow between your cloud apps.

Creating new contacts in Aero

Aero’s sync with Gmail and Office 365 filters incoming emails and only imports emails from people who are contacts in Aero. Which means it’s important to keep your Aero contact up-to-date. Which means a lot of copying and pasting as you add new contacts. Or you can use Zapier to automate to process.

Coordinating your calendars

Aero offers a Google calendar integration already, but not everyone wants the whole thing to sync – or maybe they want to use the Office 365 integration but also add appointments to Aero from a Google calendar. Or maybe you have multiple different calendars on different platforms (like both Google and Office 365) and you want to have everything feed into Aero. You can make a Zap for that.

Adding New Customers to Aero

A new customer might be created in any one of several different cloud apps, but you need to get them into Aero so you can manage their service delivery. Maybe you have new clients fill out a Google form or sign an engagement letter in Practice Ignition. Rather than copying and pasting the client information, have Zapier create a new company for you.

Creating new tasks in Aero

Aero helps you manage all of your recurring client work so that nothing slips through the cracks. It’s also designed to handle all those “one-off” tasks– work generated by client requests or other one-time events. Often, those one-time tasks originate in another app: a Slack message or a Google form being submitted. You can use Zapier to make an event in one app automatically create a task in Aero.

How do you use Zapier to increase your productivity? Let us know in the comment!