You’ve probably been hearing a LOT about generative AI lately, but did you know that you can leverage this technology to your bookkeeping firm’s benefit? Generative AI is artificial intelligence that produces content. This can include the written word, music, art — and, most importantly, synthetic data. Apps like Chat GPT have recently been making headlines, bringing this sort of technology to top-of-mind for businesses. 

Technology like this can be scary, and we’ve all heard our fair share of stories about Roombas becoming robot overlords. The truth is, AI can take care of a lot of repetitive, time-eating tasks at your firm, letting you spend your time on the work that really matters. AI can help you improve your marketing, increase client satisfaction, and prevent disasters through cybersecurity and fraud detection. Keep reading to find out how! 


How you communicate with clients takes many forms, and there are many smaller tasks throughout your day that AI can help you tackle in this regard. Generative AI can help you write emails to your clients and respond to common questions, but it can also help you improve customer support with chatbots! AI chatbots can help your clients when you are unavailable, or help with simple troubleshooting. 


When it comes to marketing, AI can certainly make your life loads easier. Generative AI can write blog articles, create email newsletters, and draft posts for your social media accounts, helping you cut down on the work you spend trying to reach out to potential clients. Not all AI tools are created equal, though; if you’re going to be using AI for content generation, be sure to do the research and pick the one that works best for your needs. 

AI can also produce images for you to use in your marketing materials. Need an image of a woman on the beach stuck doing her taxes? AI can fill in the gaps if you can’t find the stock image you need. 

Risk Management

By feeding AI synthetic examples of fraud, you can teach it to recognize fraudulent transactions. Being able to rely on AI for this task can lead to finding fraud faster, thereby preventing more disasters. Similarly, generative AI can detect cybersecurity threats in the same way, protecting your firm from data breaches and the loss of sensitive information. 

Advanced technology like generative AI doesn’t have to be frightening, despite the horror stories you may have seen on the SyFy Channel. This technology has the potential to make many aspects of our jobs so much easier, leaving us free to do what really matters — helping our clients. 

We’ve only just scratched the surface of how beneficial this technology can be for businesses, so keep your ears peeled for new developments that can help your firm! And let us know down in the comments how you’re tackling AI at your bookkeeping firm.