You’re good at your job. When it comes to bookkeeping or financial advisory, you know what you’re doing now, and you can handle every task that comes your way with your expertise and thorough planning….

But when it comes to selling your services? Maybe that’s not so easy.

While selling things is never easy, marketing your client accounting advisory services can be especially difficult. Potential clients just aren’t familiar enough with the offering to seek it out. This means that you have to be proactive. Selling your advisory services takes timing, knowing your ideal client well, and putting your clients first. 

Pick the right clients at the right time

The key to selling your product is timing. You already have a pool of potential advisory clients who use your firm for their compliance needs. Take time to establish a solid working relationship with these clients so that you understand their business and their goals. When you know your client’s business inside and out, you’ll know when the time and situation are right for upselling your client accounting advisory services. Another important step in the marketing process is understanding your ideal client. Start by looking at your existing clients. What are their needs and goals? Why did they pick you to work with? Using questions like these, build an ideal customer profile that you can use in other aspects of your marketing. 

Use technology to your advantage

Digital marketing is a great way to attract new clients and build your brand reputation. Utilize social media to get the word out about your advisory services, make sure your website is easy to navigate, and dip into blog writing. There are plenty of different platforms to advertise your services, and sometimes advertising can be free. Who doesn’t love to hear the word “free”? A post on Twitter or LinkedIn that gains a lot of attention can help your firm gain recognition in your industry; likewise, paid advertising on Facebook can help you target new customers. The goal of digital marketing is to attract the sort of customer that’s right for your firm, so utilize search engine optimization (SEO) and be sure you are showcasing your services and the personality of your firm as genuinely as possible online. Start with an understanding of your ideal client and go from there. 

Don’t underestimate the power of a good referral

Building good relationships with your existing client base can actually help your business grow. There’s nothing better than good word of mouth, and when your clients are happy with your services, they’ll recommend you to friends. 

Picture this: your client is getting lunch with a friend who owns a growing jewelry business. Their friend mentions how they are expanding their jewelry business by opening new locations in new states. We all know moving businesses across state lines can be stressful, and it can be difficult for someone who doesn’t have a clear understanding of tax law to figure everything out. Your client might mention to their friend that, should they need a good financial advisor, they know someone who can get the job done… And that’s where you come in! If a small business owner is in the market for an advisor, chances are they’re going to take advice from a friend or associate before gambling with a firm they’ve never heard of before. 


There are many ways to market your business, but the most important aspect to keep in mind is framing. You are not offering a service, but rather fulfilling a client’s needs. Instead of just listing off services, focus your offer on your client and how your firm can help them specifically. When you care about your clients and understand their businesses, they’ll be much more likely to want YOU as an advisor.