There was once a time when email was THE most cutting-edge technology, but is it still working for client communication at your accounting firm? While email is still a powerful business tool in some areas, there are quite a few drawbacks to your old inbox. From the time drain of waiting for a reply to the lack of file management in your inbox, it can be less of a tech solution and more of a tech barrier… 

It’s time to face some hard truths about email. Here are some of the reasons why it might not be the best fit for your communication needs, and some ideas for alternatives!

Email Threads Are Awful

It’s officially spooky season, and we can’t think of many things spookier than trying to find an old email. There can be a lot of back and forth when dealing with clients, and having those conversations over email means you’re likely to miss messages or lose important details as they become buried in the dreaded thread. 

Where The Heck is That File I Need?

As an accountant, you send a LOT of files back and forth with clients. A revised and signed engagement letter, tax forms, income statements, etc… There’s a ton of paperwork, and it can be a real pain to comb through your inbox in search of a file — especially when multiple versions have slightly different names. 

In a High-Speed Era, Email Is Slow

How many hours do you spend waiting for specific emails from clients? If you’re dealing with a time-sensitive request, waiting for clients to open their inbox and send a reply can feel torturous. Depending on how a client has their notification settings adjusted, you may be dependent on how often they even check the inbox. 

Security… Who’s That?

Security is one of the main drawbacks of using email to send sensitive files back and forth with clients. Every day, hackers develop more and more sophisticated ways to steal YOUR information. Aside from that, it’s also very easy for you or a team member to email the wrong address. 

But What Else Is There…?

It can be easy to fall into old habits. We’ve been using email as a primary form of communication in the office for decades now. There’s something comforting about the inbox, the clear format, and the familiarity of each notification. However, there ARE solutions out there that might be an even better fit for your firm.

Voice and video chatting platforms have seen a major spike in popularity in the past few years. If you need to chat with a client and need their response immediately, a video call could be much more efficient than email. Likewise, instant messaging apps like Whatsapp and business “social media” apps like Yammer allow you to communicate quickly and effectively. Text message CRMS, collaborative platforms, and video email tools allow for even more ways to talk to your clients. 

While it may not be time to scrap your email entirely, it’s certainly time to look into other tools for some client communication. Let us know down below if you’re moving away from the inbox — and in what direction!