Did you know adopting a client-centric approach at your accounting firm could lead to happier customers and more business? You’ve probably already realized that people are at the heart of your firm; after all, businesses aren’t t machines made of cogs and gears — they’re ecosystems of living beings, all working together to create the whole. That’s why people-focused approaches to business are often more successful and rewarding.

However, you already work with many people and processes internally, and it can be difficult to see past all the tasks you face before even coming face-to-face with clients. So, here are some tips for making sure that your clients are considered in every part of your procedures.

Check-in With Your Clients Regularly

One of the best ways to develop a client-centric approach in your work is to gather intel regularly. Feedback is SO important to the success of your business, and your clients are well-suited to provide it. Some of your customers have probably been with your firm for a long time. They’ll know which areas your firm needs to grow in, whether that’s something like communication or delivering materials in a timely manner. Be sure to ask for and encourage feedback from your clients.

Work to Understand Your Clients

Utilizing a data-driven approach to understanding your clients will help you be there when they need it most. Keep track of things like the topics that are discussed between your staff and your client, what services are offered to them, referrals, and their communication preferences. With all of this information at your fingertips, you’ll be better suited to offer your clients what they need when they need it.

Be Easy to Reach

Having a thorough client communication plan can save you a LOT of hassle. Let’s face it: we’ve all sat in a meeting that could have been an email. Having preferred methods of communication outlined ahead of time can prevent unnecessary time spent struggling to get a hold of someone or scheduling meetings that don’t really need to happen.

Pay Extra Attention to Your Onboarding Process

We can’t overstate the importance of first impressions. From your earliest interactions, your clients should feel that they matter. This is the time to hammer out a communication plan and clarify that you are open to feedback and communication. To make this easier, we’ve got a more detailed guide to developing this onboarding process here.

You wouldn’t be anywhere without your clients, so it’s no wonder that focusing on your clients will take your business even further. Your customers are your main source of referrals — and they are the perfect candidates for cross-selling and up-selling your services. Plus, you just can’t sell services no one is asking for. Keep your clients constantly at the top of mind and stay in tune with their needs. Then, you can better operate your firm for success and client satisfaction.