Your onboarding process is the perfect time to show new bookkeeping clients that you’re personable, available, and won’t let them down. For many clients, the difference between a good bookkeeper and a great bookkeeper is all about communication. A good bookkeeper will do the job well; a great bookkeeper will provide excellent customer service on top of their more basic job description. Providing personable service can also help you land more clients and retain them for the long haul. 

It all starts with a good first impression

Be Responsive

There is no worse first impression than no impression at all. Are you losing leads at your bookkeeping firm by not being responsive enough? Are you responding to email inquiries and answering phone calls ready to strike a deal? How long has it been since you cleaned out your voicemail? 

Be Available 

If you’re difficult to reach, you’ll probably have a lot of dissatisfied clients on your hands. Put yourself in your client’s shoes for a moment. Money is a huge stressor for businesses, and your clients are looking to YOU a lot of times before making difficult decisions for their business. That’s why it’s important to make yourself available. Make sure there are a variety of channels through which clients can reach you and that your hours of availability are easy to find. 

Set Clear Expectations

A lot of disappointment in business relationships stems from unclear or unmet expectations. This is why your client engagement letter should be a core aspect of your client engagement plan. To learn more about crafting the perfect engagement letter, be sure to check out our other blog here!

Listen, Listen, Listen

The best way to be a client-focused bookkeeper is to keep your ears peeled. Nothing makes clients feel more appreciated and cared for than having a bookkeeper who hears them. You can ensure your new bookkeeping clients feel heard through active listening. Call them by their names, repeat what they’ve said, and present their options in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. You can also make it a regular practice at your firm to check back in with clients through surveys! 

Standardize Client Procedures

Every client who walks through your doors (or joins your online calls) should have the same great experience with your firm. To achieve that, you need to standardize your client procedures. You can create standard scripts for answering phones, sending inquiries to new clients, and responding to conflict. You can also create written procedures that your staff can use to ensure they don’t miss any vital steps of the client onboarding process. 

It’s rare to get second chances when it comes to business relationships, and that’s why the initial stages of meeting and onboarding a client are so important. Happy clients create happy bookkeeping firms, after all. Let us know down below how you’re improving your onboarding process at your bookkeeping firm down below!