Did you know that going paperless at your accounting firm can improve efficiency AND collaboration? 

2022 is here, and you’re probably making all sorts of resolutions for the new year. Make going paperless at your accounting firm one of them! There are all sorts of benefits to going paperless, from helping the environment to eliminating office clutter. Here are some of the advantages of becoming a paperless office AND how you can get started at your firm today. 

What are the benefits of going paperless at your accounting firm? 

The number one reason to go paperless at your accounting firm this year is to improve efficiency at the workplace. Consider how much time in your week is wasted sorting through papers, shredding old documents, and waiting for signatures and documents in the mail? Now, imagine not having to do any of that. Using a digital storage space will save you a ton of space in the office and can often be more secure than having loose papers strewn about. Waiting to receive documents from clients can also be a thing of the past when you can simply email digital copies back and forth. 

Additionally, becoming a paperless firm can make remote work and collaboration much easier. The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted a lot of businesses to go remote and/or consider remote options when illness or unforeseeable circumstances prevent a team member from joining the office physically. Being paperless means being prepared for anything. Divorcing your firm from physical documents and committing to a digital space will allow all of your team to have easy access to the documents they need, wherever they are. 

Of course, going paperless also helps the environment! Did you know that the amount of paper we throw around in the U.S. amounts to around 1 billion trees? It’s 2022, and people care about the priorities of the people they do business with. Going paperless is a simple way to do your part, show your clients that you have your priorities in line, and gain some significant benefits when it comes to your practice management. 

Going paperless

We know what it’s like to have a cluttered workspace. Papers never seem to stop piling up! The best way to start your paperless journey is to make a list. Think about all the papers you handle throughout the day and the tasks you handle that must be documented. Start making a list of all the documents you can move to a digital storage space. Bill management, expense reporting, and financial statements are all things that can be recorded digitally. Additionally, things like checklists for various accounting procedures and notes can be stored online. You can even save an eSignature to avoid the hassle of sending physical documents around for signing! 

(To begin the process of moving your work, you might need to scan existing documents into your computer. After you’ve scanned your documents, don’t forget to shred paper copies that you no longer need!)

Start looking for software that will make storing and tracking your documents easier. There are tons of great services available that will help you improve efficiency and organization. Many of these software companies also offer free trials. Try different programs out to see if they’re a good fit for your firm. Get input from all members of your team. After all, they’re the ones who will be using this software on a daily basis. 

Finally, you’ll want to make sure that you have a plan in place to keep your data safe and secure. Don’t forget to encrypt sensitive information!

Starting a new year can be a great opportunity to look around and make changes. Now is the time for improving yourself AND your business. Plan to go paperless this year and watch the benefits – not the paperwork – pile up!