Aero Workflow enjoyed exhibiting this month at QuickBooks Connect’s 6th annual conference for small business leaders, accounting professionals, and solution providers in San Jose, CA. We relish the opportunity to talk to and connect with so many of our Aero tribe who were there this year.

Our co-founder, Laura Redmond, took the stage for the “Power Panel on Advisory Services”, as a workshop facilitator for “Automate Your Client Onboarding,” and for a session called “The DNA of a CAS Firm”.

In her DNA session, Laura took attendees behind the scenes to share her firm’s methods for running a modern CAS practice. In a world of change, accounting professionals are looking for the “how”. How to communicate? How to collaborate? How to leverage technology? Laura shared her firm’s journey through the maze of accounting technology and their roadmap for success, including apps and processes her firm uses to provide clients with world-class service – from the firm’s organizational structure to successful solutions for marketing, sales, onboarding, service delivery, and support.

If you missed it, you can watch a recording of the session (and get CPE credit while you’re at it).

Several topics generated a particular amount of interest: Redmond Accounting Inc’s implementation of EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System), the firm’s process flowchart, the accounting department cost calculator, and Redmond’s client onboarding process.

EOS® helps businesses clarify, simplify and achieve their vision. The proven tools guide leadership teams to get everyone in the organization crystal clear about the vision and roadmap, create traction by ensuring that all activities are geared towards the realization of the vision and become a more cohesive, functional, healthy company.

In addition to EOS®, Laura talked about the importance of written procedures, various tools that her firm uses for marketing and sales, checklists of each step in their client onboarding process, and the specific apps the firm uses for client service delivery and support.

Laura has partnered with her COO, Sharon Means, and their EOS® implementor, Scott Soucy, who is a fellow ProAdvisor and Intuit Council alum, to launch the Entrepreneurial Advisory Insitute. This venture encapsulates their knowledge and experience running CAS firms to provide entrepreneurs and their advisors:

  • A formal and certified EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System) program, singularly unique as offered by accounting professionals
  • Additional guidance and assistance with individual EOS® tools to further support the strategic execution of EOS® in the firm
  • Successful solutions for building business processes including marketing and sales, workflow management, process advisory, and customization.

Partnering with the Entrepreneurial Advisory Institue to implement EOS® allows you to leverage the expert training and experience of professionals seasoned in both EOS® and CAS to help you manifest your vision.