You might need Aero Workflow if….

  1. Why do I need a Workflow system?Your best team member suddenly leaves to sail around the world on an exact replica of the Santa Maria – and she’s the only one that knows how to do the accounting tasks for your most important client.
  2. You’ve ever woken up in a cold sweat at 2am wondering if the client’s quarterly sales taxes were filed.
  3. Your email inbox is crammed with cc’s and status updates from your team – because that’s the only way you can keep on top of what’s going on in your firm
  4. You’ve ever had client work that didn’t get done because the person doing the work needed a crucial piece on information from you– and you were on an airplane on your way to your spouse’s family reunion in Erie, PA.
  5. Your staff needs to be told every day what they need to do and what is most important – and you need to ask them every day what did or didn’t get done.
  6. You’ve ever spent an hour looking through sticky notes and loose pieces of paper on your desk, trying to find the login information for the app you set your client up on yesterday.
  7. Your computer monitor is framed in yellow sticky notes.
  8. You just got interrupted for the 10th time today by your new employee asking how to do something.
  9. Your go-to bill paying app just completely revised their user interface and now everyone in your firm has to spend days figuring out how it works.
  10. You’ve ever heard from a client about how much they appreciate your staff member doing that QuickBooks file clean-up for them – at no charge.