Once tax season is over, it can be hard to get back to normal and back to your regular accounting routine. You’ve been so overwhelmed tending to your client’s tax needs – at this point, you’re just tired. After you’ve become accustomed to the chaotic work life that the busy season brings, working in your typical office environment will take an adjusting period. 

Think about it cooling down after a workout. If you’ve been sprinting on a treadmill, you can’t just step off and go about your day without cooling down. Instead, you should slow your treadmill pace to a jog or a walk, stretch, and drink plenty of water. Consider this period right after the busy season to be your cool down: you’ve got to reset, get organized, and get your priorities lined up in order to return to your usual accounting work.  

Start by taking a break

If you’re feeling burnt out after the busy season, you aren’t going to be doing your best work. If you want to perform well at your job, it’s important to prioritize mental health and give yourself a much-needed reset. Don’t be afraid to take a day off, pick up a new relaxation hobby, and implement some cool-down time at the office. You can always check out our list of ideas for improving workplace wellness and satisfaction after tax season!

Return to your routine

Busy season is… well, busy. During this period, your schedule probably looked a lot different than usual. One of the ways you can ease back into your typical routine is by returning to your old schedule. Maybe you’ve been too busy to grab coffee at your favorite cafe before work – prioritize little things like that now. Make sure you are building a routine that allows for plenty of rest and mental breaks throughout the day. A daily coffee break might be just the thing you need to give your brain a rest. 

Get organized

Once you’re ready to get back to work, you’ll first need to make sure your office is organized. Taking on new challenges is nearly impossible when you’re dealing with a messy space and can’t find important paperwork. Things might have gotten especially messy during the busy season, so now is a fantastic time to sort through records and make sure everything is in its rightful place. You can also use this time to take a look at your written procedures and clean up any documents that need it.

Connect with clients

Next, you’ll want to connect with your clients to reconfigure schedules and discover their current needs. Tax season schedules are very different than normal schedules, after all. You might need to do some shifting around. Touching base is also a fantastic way to check in with your clients just as you may have checked in with your staff after the busy season.  

Set goals for your business

Now that tax season is out of the way, you can think about your other goals for this year for your accounting firm. This will help you figure out what work you should be doing now. Maybe you want to improve your marketing strategies or niche down your firm. Whatever the case may be, start thinking about these goals as something to work towards. 

Returning to normal after a big disruption is always a challenge… And tax season is certainly a big disruption in your typical work routine. Ease yourself into your new work routine and make sure you prioritize rest during this period. You want to be your best self for your team and your clients. That starts with recognizing the effect the busy season can have on our mindsets and attitudes towards work!