Tax season takes a lot out of accounting professionals, so it’s important to check in with your staff once the hardest part of their year is over. After all, they call it the busy season for a reason. Studies show that workplace burnout is on the rise, which can result in poorer quality of work and quality of life. People who experience burnout report feeling emotional exhaustion, lack of motivation, and physical fatigue. You might even be starting to feel some of these things yourself. 

We know that you care a lot about your accounting staff. Your team has been with you through it all, and you want to keep them around for a long time. You might even be worried about the Great Resignation sweeping away your staff as well. That’s why this moment in time can be so important. Here, you have a great chance to check in on your team, show them that you care about their well-being, and find ways to make their jobs more rewarding. 

Here are some of our tips for increasing workplace satisfaction after an especially stressful tax season! 


After a rough busy season, you’re probably only thinking one thing: I need a break. Your team is probably thinking the same thing. Learn to recognize signs of burnout in your staff and understand that they might need some time to bounce back. This might look like taking an afternoon off or encouraging open communication about burnout. There are tons of ways you can help your team relax at the office! You can take your work outside, host a presentation about stress management tactics, and implement daily meditation or breathing exercises – even just encouraging your staff to take a few minutes to leave their desks and stretch can make a huge difference! 

Look for ways to improve 

A challenge like tax season might seem daunting at the moment, but once the period is out of the way you can look on the bright side. This is a great chance to improve your firm and your workflow. One of the best ways you can look out for your team is by finding ways to make their work less stressful. You can start by closely examining all of your processes associated with the busy season. Figure out what processes could use significant improvement, rewrite your procedures for clarity, and consider adopting new tech solutions. You might even gather feedback from your team about which processes aren’t working as well as they should. 

Celebrate a job well done!

Your staff has worked hard – they deserve to celebrate their successes! To show that you recognize the work your team has put in, give them something in return. If salary raises or bonuses aren’t an option, there are plenty of gestures you can make to show your team you care. An office party or a special dinner can surely boost morale! Catered lunches, gift cards, and fun outings are always a good idea. You can also recognize your team publicly. Don’t be afraid to give shoutouts! 

Your team of accountants is important to you – AND important to their clients. Workplace satisfaction is an important factor in retaining your staff, keeping them happy, and creating a productive work environment. If you make them feel important and valued now, they’ll be much more likely to stick around.