A recent article in the Wall Street Journal discussed how companies are using data mining techniques to pinpoint their biggest time wasters. Surprising no one, it turns out that one of the top culprits is email. “Common time-wasting habits include copying too many people into emails and overuse of ‘reply all.’ ” If this is familiar territory, Aero WorkFlow Manager can help you reduced wasted time in your firm.

Put Your Email on a Diet

Aero WorkFlow and email managementAero gives you and your staff the ability to send emails to clients from within the application, and a copy of the email is automatically saved in the client activity log. There is no need to CC anyone else in your firm since the email can easily be found by anyone who needs it in the future. The text of the email is easily found in the client file, saving everyone from searching through overstuffed inboxes and long, confusing email chains. And, don’t forget that eliminating the need to CC other team members takes the ‘Reply All’ button out of play!

Aero’s Client Activity log also eliminates the need for ‘Update’ emails sent to large distribution lists. The Activity Log is a central record of all tasks, emails, phone calls, meeting notes, and documents relating to that client. Anyone who needs to can easily find information about the status of a project or client job by accessing the appropriate file.

According to the WSJ article, “On email, many employees spend a lot of time writing responses because they fear failing to answer will offend colleagues or hamper their work.” By greatly reducing the need to send emails in the first place, Aero saves you and your staff from having to read and reply to unnecessary emails.

Just a small part

Streamlining communications is just one facet of Aero WorkFlow’s ability to enhance the productivity of your firm. To find out more, attend a webinar or contact us for a free personalized demo.