The Cloud is secureAs accounting professionals move to the cloud for efficiency and profitability gains, the question about security comes up more and more often. When operating in a desktop environment, you could see you data and knew where it was, making you feel comfortable with it’s security (although that was most likely a false sense of security). But when your data moves to some nebulous ‘cloud’, how do you know if it’s secure?

At Aero, we take security seriously

So you ask before you buy, “How secure is Aero?” The answer is, it’s very secure. From the servers where Aero lives (Microsoft Azure) to our annual Intuit security review to encrypted fields in your Aero database, you can rest easy that your information is as safe in Aero as it is anywhere. Want more detail? Read on.

Why Azure?

Microsoft is one of a small number of cloud vendors. It has a long track record in enterprise software and a proven understanding of what security means to an enterprise. The Windows Azure platform provides a solid foundation to help prevent security breaches, and the necessary services to assist us in developing our secure application on top of it.

What is this Annual Security Review?

In order to be listed on Intuit’s, Aero is required to undergo a security review every year. An outside firm spends a week trying to hack into Aero. They fail, and we pass, every year. If you really want all the gory details, you can find Intuit’s list of security requirements here.

Encrypted Data

There are certain fields in Aero that we have identified as possibly containing very sensitive data, so we encrypt them in the database. It’s adding a pair of suspenders to our already belted-on trousers, but we want to make sure your data is safe.