Scheduling meetings isn’t the most glamorous part of your job as an accounting professional, but it also doesn’t have to be the most difficult…. especially when Calendly exists! Apps like Calendly take the mess out of scheduling by integrating well with other apps and allowing you to communicate with clients and staff in various ways. 

Basically, Calendly allows you to schedule both internal and external meetings with ease. We’ve all had difficulty coordinating via email, memo, or word-of-mouth in the past — thanks to great new office technologies, we don’t have to anymore! We especially like Calendly because it offers great customization options, plays well with other workflow apps, and is relatively simple to use. 

Here are some of the features that we think make Calendly a great addition to any accounting firm! 


At its core, Calendly is an app that brings people together so they can do great work. The app gives you a simple interface that allows clients to see your availability and schedule a meeting with you accordingly. You can also use the app to schedule webinars and training sessions. Multi-user features make these types of meetings even easier. You can create teams on Calendly in order to schedule team meetings and create a booking page that includes all the members on that team. 


One of the main things to look for when choosing a new app for your company is how well it plays with the other apps in your workflow. Integration is always key. Calendly allows you to schedule a meeting without having to leave your email, making it so customizers aren’t forced to log into any third-party software to do business with you. Calendly also allows you to connect to apps like Zoom and Paypal. 


Calendly allows for a lot of customization. Not only can you customize your calendar to black out times you’ll be out of the office, but you can also customize the Calendly interface. In fact, you can go so far as to remove all Calendly branding and replace it with your own. Other great features we love are time zone detection, the ability to ask invitees questions through the app, and the ability to customize the notifications invitees receive. 

All in all, Calendly is a great choice for accounting firms because it is simple and effective. The changes it brings to your day-to-day life aren’t going to be revolutionary, of course. Scheduling a meeting is still just scheduling a meeting. But we believe that great apps make you forget that you’re using an app, blending in so seamlessly with your other software and causing so few problems that you don’t think twice about it. Calendly gets the job done. 

We’re starting a new series over here at Aero! We’ve used a lot (and we mean A LOT)  of cool apps for productivity, scheduling, and other business needs. Now, we want to share our recommendations with you. Stay tuned to see more apps we love!