Did you know that satisfying your clients starts with satisfying your employees? It’s true. Happy employees can lead to happier customers. Think about it: do you feel more energized at work when you’re happy? Are you more eager to do a good job when you know there are opportunities for advancement? When you feel like your boss appreciates you, how much more likely are you to approach them with your ideas and feedback about client relationships? 

If your employees aren’t happy, your business can suffer in many ways, but one of the most detrimental aspects is client relationships. If you want satisfied clients, you’ve got to start with a happy team. Here’s why!

Satisfied Employees Stick Around

People don’t stay in workplaces where they feel unappreciated, undervalued, or stifled creatively. Unhappy employees leave, creating vacuums that new employees fill… and when those employees leave, you have to onboard yet another new hire. This means that you won’t retain team members long enough for them to become experts. The longer you stay with a company, the better you understand your job and your clientele. 

The Happier You Are, The More Positive Your Attitude

Having a bad time at work? It often shows in your interactions with clients. Happier employees will be more attentive to clients, more creative in finding solutions to problems, and more pleasant to work with. It takes a lot of energy to keep clients engaged, and this energy can only come from having a positive attitude. 

A Happy Team is a Productive Team

According to Forbes, happy employees can be up to 20% more productive than unhappy ones. Imagine how much more work you’d get done if you were 20% more productive! You know the time that might have been spent toiling away on one task or procrastinating? That can be spent on responding to client inquiries, scheduling meetings, and sending reminders to clients about upcoming paperwork deadlines. 

Creating A Happy Team

Everyone needs to know that their hard work is noticed and valued. When your staff doesn’t feel appreciated, that’s when they are bound to look for positions elsewhere or let their workmanship suffer. To create a happy team, focus on finding opportunities to show your appreciation. It’s nice to have lunch delivered to the office once in a while or have a team get-together outside of work! You should also work towards building a strong company culture and encourage communication. You want your team to feel comfortable coming to you with their ideas and concerns. 

The happier your employees are at your workplace, the better situated they’ll be to help your clients with all their needs. You won’t be able to grow your business or maintain a happy clientele if your workplace culture is lacking. 

How do you keep your team happy at your accounting firm? Let us know your strategies down below!