Switching to cloud-based bookkeeping can keep your information safe, encourage collaboration, and improve your day-to-day workflow. As a bookkeeper, you deal with a lot of sensitive information, which is why security is always top of mind. We’re concerned about your data too, and that’s why Aero Workflow uses cloud-based storage. 

Here are some of the many ways switching to cloud-based bookkeeping with Aero Workflow can benefit your firm! 


Teamwork makes the dream work, and it can be a huge setback when your team doesn’t have all the resources they need to do their job effectively. If you’re currently storing data on a desktop or in a physical filing cabinet, there’s an obvious drawback – you can only access your data in a very specific location. As more and more offices move to remove or hybrid workplaces, and because illness, travel, and unforeseeable circumstances can keep staff from the office, the old way of working… doesn’t work. There are so many reasons your team may need to access things outside of the office. 

Data Security 

When you utilize cloud-based storage, you can rest easy knowing your data is secure and safe from being lost. One of our favorite things about cloud-based storage is that your data is encrypted during transfer to and from your browser. With Aero Workflow, all databases are backed up daily, database changes are backed up every few hours, and transactional logs are backed up every 5-10 minutes. Thanks to our cloud-based storage, you won’t have to worry about losing the important things!


Your business is incredibly unique. With Aero Workflow and the power of cloud-based bookkeeping, you can customize so many things to suit your unique needs. You can tailor your workflows and processes to better reflect the way you work. 


Another great benefit of cloud-based bookkeeping is that it takes you one step closer to becoming a paperless firm! Going paperless is good for the environment, and we pride ourselves on the sustainability of our model. Because documents are stored on the cloud, not only can you stop making tons of paper copies of important forms, but you also don’t need to worry about saving original documents in a secure space in the office. Additionally, going paperless also lets you reduce energy consumption – another win for your carbon footprint!

Are you interested in giving Aero Workflow a try? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve got a completely FREE trial you can try to see if Aero is right for your firm. Be sure to check it out, and let us know down below if you’re making moves toward paperless bookkeeping.