Thriving in the Busy Season with Aero WorkFlowThis time of year is usually crazy for Client Accounting Service firms. Not only do you have extra work for regular clients as they close out the year and get everything ready for the tax accountant, but it also seems to be the time of year when new clients are knocking at the door. When a new client comes calling, Aero WorkFlow allows you to welcome them with open arms, secure in the knowledge that the Aero templates, procedures, and workflow management will make the on-boarding process as painless as possible. Setting up your plan in advance and using Aero WorkFlow to implement it is the key to thriving in the busy season – not just surviving!

Aero Templates – No More Recreating the Wheel

You and your staff probably have certain CAS tasks that you could do in your sleep, like reconciling a checking account in QuickBooks or paying bills using But when it comes time to set up a new client on QuickBooks or in, does anyone remember exactly how to do it? Or is it a process of hunt-and-peck and “Oh I Forgot!” and “Oh shoot we need that document!” Aero templates allow you to document the information that needs to be gathered and steps that need to be taken for all those occasional tasks. Then, when a new client comes on board, you can simply create a task from the template and assign it to a staff member to perform.

Aero Email Templates – Great Communication Made Easy

Have you ever spent time searching through your email for “that really great email” you sent the last new client? Aero email templates are a library of all your “really great emails”. You can create an email template for new clients that welcomes them and give them a list of things to do and documents to gather before your next meeting. Or how about one that links to your new client questionnaire? With email templates, all your emails to new clients will be “really great emails”!

Aero Procedures – Anyone Can Be a Superhero

When a new client comes on board, it’s natural to want to put your best foot forward. Setting up your firm’s procedures in Aero allows you to specify exactly how each procedure should be done ahead of time. So when it comes time for the new client to be set up on QuickBooks, you know that it will be done exactly the way you want it to be done (often called “the right way”), and your new client feels they’re being given concierge service.

Workflow Management – Turning New Clients into Old Clients

Once your new clients are on board, making sure that their work is done on time and accurately is the job of a good workflow management system like Aero. The templates and procedures are a big part of managing daily tasks. Add other features like the ability to create recurring tasks, the client vault, QuickBooks Online and G-mail integrations, and the birds-eye view from the management dashboard, and you have a workflow management system that helps ensure the client work is being done on time and done the right way. This allows you to concentrate on the big picture of running your firm– and maybe spend some time looking for new clients!