Going paperless at your accounting firm is good for the environment AND good for your wallet. Plus, it’s actually not that hard. Here at Aero Workflow, we love finding digital solutions to everyday problems. One of the biggest problems accounting firms can run into is losing important paperwork. You deal with a lot of documents during your workday, and it can be difficult to keep track of those documents, make sure the right people have access to them, AND keep them safe…

That’s why it’s time to say hello to digital solutions! Here are some of the main reasons why we think going paperless at your accounting firm can help improve your workflow and your bottom line. 

Improve Efficiency in the Workplace

If everyone knows where everything is, the workday goes by a lot smoother and faster. When you store documents digitally, accessing them only takes a few seconds. You don’t have to shuffle through papers in an old filing cabinet anymore. Plus, electronic documents can be viewed and edited by multiple people at once – no need to wait for a physical handoff! 

Work Remotely

One of the main benefits of going digital nowadays is that it allows you to switch to remote work pretty easily. If you decide to take your accounting firm remote, you’ll already be one step ahead by having all of your documents accessible via computer. You don’t have to make a full switch for this to come in handy! More and more companies are switching to flexible working environments, and digital files definitely come in handy when a team member is out sick and has to work from home. To top things off, offering the ability to work from home means your talent pool for new hires becomes much, much bigger. 

Eliminate Costly Mistakes

Time is money, and wasted time is… Well, wasted money. By eliminating paper, you eliminate the chances of losing important documents by simply misplacing them or damaging them. Paper is tangible, meaning it can always be damaged or fall into the wrong hands. It’s much, much easier to protect your digital documents. You’ll also free up the time you normally spend looking for papers and finding places to store them, allowing you to focus on the work that really matters at your office. 

Help the Planet

You won’t just help yourself and your business by going paperless. It’s also great for the environment to reduce the amount of paper you use. Did you know that the amount of paper we throw away in the U.S. amounts to around 1 billion trees? By making a commitment to reduce your paper use, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint. 

A paperless practice won’t solve all of the problems at your accounting firm… but it will definitely help with a few of them. Going digital can make your workflow more cost-effective, efficient, and secure. Thinking about making the leap to paperless? Check out this past article to learn what your first steps should be.