AI is here to stay; does your bookkeeping firm have a plan for how AI should be used? An AI usage framework is necessary for any business trying to adjust to the changing technological landscape while still keeping the trust of your team and clients. 

While there are many benefits of using AI at your firm — such as improved efficiency, reduction of human error, and the ability to comb through large amounts of data in very little time — AI also comes with some drawbacks. That’s why establishing guidelines is vital before making any drastic changes to the way you work. Here are some other reasons why YOU should have an AI usage framework.

It Impacts Your Clients

Big changes at your bookkeeping firm should always be communicated to your clients, and the implementation of AI is no different. It should be company policy that you disclose your usage of AI and explain how you are using AI to your clients. 

It Impacts Your Team

Many are concerned about how AI will impact the workforce. There are lots of everyday tasks that can be transitioned over to AI, meaning the roles of your team members could be subject to change. A usage framework can help outline how you will update roles and retrain your team members for new responsibilities, should the need arise.


Perhaps one of the largest concerns regarding AI is the accuracy of data outputs. An AI usage framework can help you establish a system for checking the accuracy of AI data outputs, performing audits, and being on the lookout for better options if your current system is resulting in too many errors. 

Data Privacy

As a bookkeeper, you handle a lot of sensitive information. Your clients are trusting you to keep their information safe and secure. As you begin to work with AI, be careful to select tools that prioritize privacy. Do a thorough read-through of the terms of service. Also, be sure to review the TOS regularly to catch any changes that may affect your business. 


AI is a rapidly growing industry, and it seems that every day large strides are made in AI technology. As the industry changes and becomes more prevalent, regulations around AI are also subject to change. Keep that in mind when creating a usage framework. Adaptability is key when working with AI.

AI technology can greatly improve many aspects of your workday and, ultimately, could help you scale your firm. But there are also some ethical and logistical concerns regarding its usage. As with any tech addition to your business, it is important to set some ground rules. 

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