Thanks Intuit!

We want to thank Intuit for once again putting on such a great conference last week! Aero workflow was there and very busy– here’s a recap of what we did.

Designing our next feature at QuickBooks Connect 2015 Hackathon

Mark and Sarah discuss design.

The Hackathon

Ironing out the bugs at QuickBooks Connect 2015 Hackathon

Mark squashing bugs

We participated in the Hackathon from November 1-2. Competing in track 1, New Feature for an Existing App, we all worked hard to build a new progress invoicing feature that can be used in conjunction with Aero Projects. Since the inability to do progress invoicing is a real pain-point for our consultant Aero users, we thought this would be a nice feature to add to Aero. And, the judges thought so too: Out of 40 teams entered, Aero made it to the final 14 and won the category of “By Accountants for Accounts”!

Along the way, we got to listen to a very informative small business panel, asked Intuit founder Scott Cook questions, and overcame a total computer failure (thank heavens for the cloud!). It was a fun, positive experience!

Sponsoring QuickBooks Connect

We also had a booth where we got to meet current customers and introduce Aero to new ones. Although the exhibit hall hours on Tuesday were a real marathon, nothing energizes us more than the opportunity to show off Aero. Thank your to all our Aero customers who stopped by to say Hi- it’s always fun to meet you face-to-face!

Pitching our project at QuickBooks Connect 2015 Hackathon

Mark and Victoria rocking the pitch

Sharing our Knowledge

While Mark and Sarah were hacking and then manning the booth, Victoria and Laura were busy helping their fellow accountants and small business owners. Laura taught all five sessions for Advanced QuickBooks Online Certification and Victoria spoke to small business owners about cash management and then participated in the speed mentoring session. They both loved having the opportunity to share their many years experience (I’m not allowed to say how many) with their fellow professionals.

Aero's own Laura Redmond honored as a firm of the future


Firm of the Future

Aero was originally created by Laura Redmond because she couldn’t find a workflow app that met the needs of her firm as she embraced the benefits of the Cloud. So we were thrilled when Redmond Accounting was honored as a Top 20 Firm of the Future, along with Aero customers BBK and The Iconis Group. Check out their videos here:

The Aero Booth at QuickBooks Connect 2015

Sarah and Mark hang with the peeps from Angel Hack

Inspiration on the Main Stage

Once again Intuit rounded up an amazing and inspirational group of speakers for the main stage. The speakers were all instructive and stimulating and we walked away on Tuesday evening with a renewed sense of purpose. And we aren’t the only ones: