Quickbooks Online experts Laura Redmond and Kelly Gonsalves recently sat down to talk about their favorite Quickbooks Online features — and what trends are coming up in 2023! The full recorded webinar can be found on our YouTube Channel, but we wanted to briefly summarize what you can expect to see this year at your accounting firm.

Connecting More with the Accounting Community

Quickbooks wants feedback! This year, QBO is working harder to gather input from the accountant community, and they’re asking for it from within the product itself. They’re also regularly publishing the changes they’ve made in response to accountant feedback. You can find those updates here!

Hiring and Finding Talent

Many accounting firms are having a difficult time finding and keeping talent. You’ve probably already heard a lot about the Great Resignation and how a shrinking hiring pool is affecting accounting firms — in fact, your firm might already have been impacted. The COVID-19 pandemic made a lot of people realize they want more from their work, whether that means better benefits, flexible schedules, work-from-home opportunities, or just a bigger sense of meaning.

Many accountants have left their positions in order to open firms of their own, and there is also the problem of how many young people are coming into the industry. The AICPA will also have this on its radar throughout the year.

Accounting Workflow Automation

Workflow automation can be great for your firm’s efficiency and bottom line. This year, automation is big! As you work on growing and improving your firm, take a look at trends in accounting automation. Look for areas you might be able to utilize automation. There are all sorts of simple, repetitive tasks you do at your accounting firm that can be taken over by technology. It’s also important to consider the return on your investment here. A heftier price tag for an automating technology might be worth it when you consider all the labor you’d be saving in the office.


Another trend for accountants this year is the greater focus on cybersecurity. Technological advancements can lead to easier workdays and fatter paychecks. But, on the other end, hackers find new ways to circumnavigate your defenses every day. Having a plan in case of cyber security attacks is vital. You can protect your QBO data through 2-factor authentication, being cautious when integrating apps, not sharing sensitive information over email/phone, segmenting accounting workflows, and being careful where you put your data in QuickBooks.

Want to see the full webinar and learn more about 2023 with QBO? Check it out on our YouTube channel!