Did you know that LinkedIn accounts for 80% of B2B leads? It’s no wonder that LinkedIn marketing can work wonders for accountants trying to grow their firms and close sales. The platform gives you loads of ways to meet and interact with your target clients.  

Still not convinced? Here are some of the ways you can use LinkedIn in your digital marketing strategy. 

Grow Your Network

The most obvious reason for utilizing LinkedIn is its “connect” feature. The site gives you the ability to visualize the network you’ve been working so hard to establish and build it even further. Start by connecting with clients you’ve worked with, staff members, and friends of your business. You should make a point of personalizing your connection requests, use keywords in your bio, and interact regularly with your connections. A simple “Great Post!” goes a long way to deepen connections. After all, the goal of digital marketing is to get on your audience’s radar. Another great way to grow your network is through sending requests after in-person events. Don’t be afraid to make that first move! 

Post Quality Content

As with any social media marketing, the surest way to stay relevant is to generate valuable content. On LinkedIn, users are looking for job postings, information relating to running a business, and inspiration. Check out this LinkedIn article about posts that have gone viral on the site. What do you notice about them? They aren’t ads! On LinkedIn, genuine posts about self-growth and posts that prompt engagement are much more effective. Instead of trying to sell your services, focus on talking about your growth as a business and the obstacles you’ve overcome. Provide helpful advice. Showcase a staff member and talk about one of their unique hobbies. Give your clients tips on getting through tax season without losing their minds. The more you place your clients’ needs first, the more payoff you’ll get. 

Join and Create LinkedIn Groups

“Group” might be a familiar term if you’ve dipped your toes into Facebook Marketing. Similarly, LinkedIn allows its users to make and participate in groups. These groups are a great way to connect with potential clients, interact with them, and find out what your audience is talking about. Maybe someone mentions that they don’t understand digital sales tax — that’s an opportunity for you to take note and write an informative blog post for your client base! You can also direct message group members without the costly fees of InMail. If you join additional groups that are relevant to your firm, you’ll also be able to message the members there. Be warned: LinkedIn only lets you join 50 groups, so choose wisely.

Send out InMail

LinkedIn’s direct messaging feature, InMail, is a great way to deepen connections with your network and make your pitch. In fact, studies show people are much more likely to respond to an InMail than a regular email. Keep in mind that you can’t send InMail from your company page — you’ve got to send it from your personal account and it will take a premium membership. Still, if you’re willing to pay the price, it can be a fantastic way to reach out personally to your target audience. 

If you’re a B2B company — or, ahem, an accountant — it’s best to meet your clients where they are. LinkedIn is practically an online coffee shop for the corporate world. Every executive you’re looking for is right there in one place. As long as you remember the golden rule, marketing through LinkedIn can help the clients you want: connection first, business second.