Email is a great way to market your accounting firm, and MailChimp might be able to help.

In any workplace (accounting firm’s not excluded), you might find yourself spending a LOT of time sending and responding to emails. This becomes an even more significant part of your day-to-day if you are involved in marketing your firm’s services. With 4 billion email users in the world, email marketing remains one of the best ways to get the word out about your business… That’s why we want to recommend one of our favorite apps to help you get the job done! 

We’re continuing our series of apps we love with MailChimp, our favorite software for email marketing! We use MailChimp for our own marketing, and it’s great for sending out product announcements, special offers, newsletters, and payment reminders to your customers! The software also offers some great customization options that you can use to make your clients feel special. 

Reporting Tools

One of the main reasons we love MailChimp so much is that the software offers some great reporting tools. When it comes to your marketing strategy, you should always be striving to improve – and you can do this by using MailChimp’s reports on campaign metrics, geo-tracking, and subscribers. 


MailChimp comes with hundreds of templates and themes that you can modify to suit your brand. This is especially helpful if you’re just starting out with email marketing software. They have minimal, simple text, and gallery templates so you’re bound to find something that suits your business and your needs. If you need to edit these templates, you’re in luck! You can use their inline editing to make changes to every design. 

Ease of Use 

As you’re creating an email campaign on MailChimp, you’ll notice that helpful hints will pop up every now and then. This brings us to the next feature we love about MailChimp: the guidance it gives first-time email marketers! You’ll be given in-app tips to help you deliver the best product to your client’s inboxes. The drag-and-drop feature for email building is also straightforward to use for adding text blocks, images, and more to your emails. 


The good news is that, if you’re on a tight marketing budget, MailChimp has a great free option. Without paying a dime, you can send up to 10,000 emails to up to 2,000 contacts. That’s not too shabby, especially if you’re a smaller firm. Their paid packages range from $9.99 a month to $299 a year, with each step up giving you the ability to add more and more contacts. If you aren’t tech-savvy, you’ll definitely want to go with the paid option so you have access to MailChimp’s live tech support. 

Overall, MailChimp is a great solution for email marketing. Take our word for it – we use MailChimp ourselves. Tell us below if you’ve tried MailChimp and stay tuned to learn about more apps we love!