Did you know that you can leverage the experience you gained during tax season to attract new bookkeeping clients? It’s true. While marketing might be the last thing on your mind after a rough busy season, this is actually a great time to ramp up your strategy for drawing in new clientele. You can use the unique experience you’ve gained, the relationships you’ve developed, and your newest industry success stories as leverage here. You’ve done some great work this past few months, after all, and it’s time more people took notice.

Ask Current and Past Clients for Reviews

Let potential clients hear about your credentials from those who have actually utilized your services. You see, former and current clients can be your ticket to growth. All it takes is one look LinkedIn or Yelp to see how reviews can alter your perception of a business. If you want to ask your clients to post a good review, it’s great to do so when asking for general feedback. Send out a form for your clients to fill out about their experience working with you. Make it clear to them that you value their opinions and suggestions. Then, you can kindly request they follow a link to write a review for the site of your choice. 

Develop Referral Incentives

Even in the digital age, word of mouth is by far still the best way to market your services. One of the ways you can get that exposure is through incentivizing referrals. If you did your job well, your client will already have positive things to say about your services. Sometimes people just need an extra push to make the sell. You can sweeten the deal by offering discounts or additional perks, such as gift cards. 

Collect Case Studies For Your Website

You just did a lot of work during the busy season. Now, you can use your success stories to attract new clients. Case studies in marketing allow you to give specific examples of your achievements and what types of clients you’re after. Did you save a manufacturing company a good chunk of coin this tax season? Advertise that. You obviously don’t need to give names of specific clients to do this – just make sure you’re including things like the industry and annual revenue of these past partners. This will give potential clients a good idea as to who you like to work with. 

Show Tax Clients Why They Should Stick Around

One of the reasons why bookkeepers are so much busier during tax season is because we have new clients. These clients sometimes leave just as quickly as they arrive. However, you shouldn’t be so quick to close the door. Sometimes you just need to make the first move and let them know how else you can be of service to their business. Talk to them about opportunities. You know their business inside and out – it’s time for you to assess what their needs might be and offer to help. 

You’ve got the experience to prove your worth as a bookkeeper. Now, it’s time to share that experience with the world. By leveraging the satisfaction of former clients and demonstrating your recent successes with case studies, you can attract even more great clients and grow your firm.