Have you found your accounting firm’s niche? The next thing to do is spread the word! After you’ve found your little corner of the market, your target audience is going to be narrowed down quite a bit. This actually presents a great opportunity when it comes to digital marketing! The more specialized your content is, the higher the chances are that you’ve got something unique that customers are looking for. The chances of them finding you also become much more significant. 

So, how do you get the word out about your new niche accounting brand? Luckily, there are plenty of in-person and digital marketing options available. Here are some ways you can build your brand. 

Find networking opportunities

With your new niche comes a niche audience. Now is the time to look for networking opportunities that are specific to your target client base. Find venues, conventions, and groups that align with your niche. This will help you find clients who are already in the market for the services you offer. You can also build your credibility through networking. When people think of your niche, you want them to have your name in mind immediately. Being as visible as possible will help people remember you when they’re looking for an expert in your niche. 

Show off your expertise

One of the biggest perks of having a niche is being able to brand yourself as an expert. Once you’ve got your corner of the market figured out, you can prove your expertise through strategic content marketing. If your niche is eCommerce, you might find yourself writing blog posts about running multiple sales channels. Are contractors your specialty? In that case, you could create a downloadable guide or a series of YouTube videos surrounding setting costs as a contractor. 

The goal is to take advantage of the unique digital marketing opportunities that come with developing a niche. Think about it. If you search “accountant” on google, pages upon pages of results will pop up. However, if you look for “wealth management services for physicians”, you will have a much smaller list of competing results.  

Try using case studies

Case studies are a great way to show off your expertise. Essentially, a case study allows you to tell potential clients about a specific time someone used your services and reaped the benefits. You can even involve clients in the process of writing them through interviews and testimonials. Case studies can also be turned into all sorts of content for your website and social media channels. You can disseminate one story across multiple channels, giving you a higher chance of reaching your target audience. 

While you might not think moving from a general audience to a specialized one could help you scale your business, it’s actually a great way to generate higher-quality leads. Your clients know what they want, and they’re going to be specific when they search. The best thing you can do is be specific about who you are as a brand.