Firms often struggle with how exactly they can take on new clients and expand their client service offerings without descending into chaos. But it is possible to scale your firm without losing control, as long as you follow a few simple steps.

Take control of your firm

This is how we do things hereThe first (and most important) step is to take ownership of running your firm. If you own your firm, don’t let clients dictate how things are done– that is a road to chaos. Of course, they will have input, but being the boss starts with you mentally putting your hands on your hips and telling the world “This is how we do things here!” That means that you define what services you will provide, what tools you will use to perform them and how you will perform those services – step by step.

Make sure you have to right tools for growth

Examine your processes to determine what tools you need and then find the best one for the job. Build your technology stack deliberately, making sure that each tool you add to your toolbag meets your requirements. Look for apps that provide connectivity and eliminate duplicate data-entry. Cloud-based apps allow collaboration between people who are not in the same building and free flow of data.

Clearly communicate on every level

Clearly communicate to clients what services you provide and then have the confidence to pass on engagements that won’t be a good fit. By setting expectations at the outset, the firm begins the client relationship on the right foot. Clearly communicate with your staff what services to provide for each client and how to perform them.

You control the services you offer. You control the packages sold. You control the price. You control how the work is performed. You control the profit. A firm that has its knowledge capital defined and its sales and service delivery systems in place is poised and ready for growth.