If you’re looking for new ways to reach your audience online, you can’t overlook social media sites like Twitter. Similar to Facebook, Twitter offers many features that make it a useful tool for B2B marketing. It’s a great way to build a following of potential clients and build loyalty in your firm. 

Twitter has millions of users, lots of great features, and — most importantly — is free to use! So, let’s get started with Twitter marketing. 

Getting Started With Twitter Marketing

Like most social media platforms, Twitter provides avenues for businesses to reach their target audiences and build a positive brand image. You’ll want to start by creating an account dedicated to your accounting firm. Make sure your bio accurately describes your business and includes some necessary information, like a link to your website. You can also add a profile image, like a brand logo, and a banner. Start by following some relevant companies, clients, business partners, and hashtags like “accounting”. Soon, your home page will be flooded with the sort of tweets you’re looking for. 

Once you’ve created your profile, you can also apply to get verified on Twitter. Verifications are little blue checkmarks that go next to your name. They tell Twitter users that you’re the actual business you say you are. 


Essentially, Twitter is about tweeting. Tweets are short messages posted from your account which can include text, images, and even video. They can’t exceed 280 characters — and that includes any links or hashtags in the text. You’ll want to publish tweets frequently. Because there’s so much content on Twitter and tweets are so short, posting often is both necessary and fairly easy — especially if you’re using a program to schedule tweets. Tweetdeck, for example, is a common choice for businesses and organizations that want to schedule a bunch of tweets ahead of time, making it easy to keep track of the content you’re putting out. 

Engaging With Your Followers

The goal in online marketing is always to gain a following that supports your business. On Twitter, you can build a following through regularly putting out content that gets your followers engaged. You’ll first need to decide what your brand voice sounds like. Do you want to make your followers laugh? Do you want to be informative and straight to the point? Maybe you want to be relatable. Whatever the case may be, strive for consistency as you post and interact with followers. You can interact by liking their comments on your posts, replying to comments, and responding quickly to direct messages. You can also retweet (or repost) nice things clients say about your firm!

Trends and Hashtags

Hashtags help you appear in search results and can be especially helpful when the hashtag you’re using is trending. On Twitter’s trending page, you can see the topics people are talking about the most. If one of these applies to your business, tweet about it! People who are interested in finding firms like yours can also follow hashtags like “accounting” or “bookkeeping” to increase their chances of finding the information they’re looking for. You’ll want to be sure to do some research on good hashtags for your business to use first. Another important tip when it comes to hashtags: make them seem natural. You don’t want to go stuffing your tweets with keywords to the point where they’re a pain to read. Incorporate hashtagged words and phrases naturally into your messaging. 

Advertising on Twitter

If you’re exploring paid advertising opportunities, Twitter has a couple of options worth considering. First, there are promoted tweets. A promoted tweet will appear on the homepage of your target clients, making it easy to get on the radar of potential new clients. There are also promoted trends. A promoted trend will appear at the top of the trending page and can include a catchy hashtag. These help increase brand awareness… But they do come with a hefty price tag. The good news is that Twitter has options regardless of your budget, and you can always get your message out online without spending a dime.  

In the modern age, social media is proving more relevant to marketing each and every day. It’s important to put yourself out there and take advantage of the online marketplace. Twitter is a great place to turn if you’ve already built an online presence and need to promote material or if you’re just getting started.